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Written Correspondence School 



Writing not only increases retaining  of information, but it's a journey in and of itself. Correspondence courses are designed for self-paced personal studies. Courses are centered on self-regulated reading, guided assignments, and examinations. As there are no set class times or teachers, enrollment in the School provides the ability for one to study on one’s own but not alone. Each course is overseen by mentors who corresponds with each student on their assignments and shared impressions, driving them to go deeper in content and farther in their understanding. Additionally, courses are enriched with an online platform that includes related videos, articles, and blogs as well as a discussion board to share one’s thoughts and insights with others.

Enrollment with MCAS Correspondence School is $25 each month, allowing students to complete courses according to their own schedule within the minimal time frame stated. This flexibility creates a fluid independent education where individuals can choose a new course at any time of the year.

Each path consists of four levels with the fourth level consisting of a final thesis. Certificates of completion will be awarded when a course, level, and/or path is successfully completed. The pathways are listed below.

  • Alchemy
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy
  • Comparative Religion
  • Hermeticism
  • Mythology
  • Reincarnation
  • Sacred Geometry





More than we think 



Truth: We are more than flesh & blood we are Spiritual beings

Purpose: embodying the divine inheritance

Action: By applying in action all that we study

Hindu Saying , “Whatever path a man may travel is my path – wherever they walk, it leads to me